I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower 

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I didnt think they would actually build that high lol
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6. jun. 2020

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MrBeast Pred 11 meseci
Subscribe or you’ll have back luck for 30 years. No joke
little but fierce
little but fierce Pred 5 dnevi
I'm subed to you and pewds
Bilal Billu
Bilal Billu Pred 5 dnevi
i subed
Hjosh2X Pred 13 dnevi
Back luck
Manoj Bhoir
Manoj Bhoir Pred 13 dnevi
I sub
Foxy {human}
Foxy {human} Pred mesecem
Why did you say back instead of bad
Adem Ot
Adem Ot Pred uro
4:19 lmao in the back
david D
david D Pred 3 urami
“There using concrete toast so stupid” Hours later: tower falls
Eleanor Kowitz
Eleanor Kowitz Pred 3 urami
I love mr beast
cheese nugget
cheese nugget Pred 4 urami
hanan bare
hanan bare Pred 4 urami
انت عربي
Rifat Alvi
Rifat Alvi Pred 5 urami
Please give me one laptop
Optic Esmail
Optic Esmail Pred 8 urami
Yep you better do it
아이언 Pred 10 urami
7:57 ㄴㅇㄱ korean word
Rayann Moussa
Rayann Moussa Pred 18 urami
I love you videos
RealScience Pred 19 urami
Love your videos but comeon give your people some credit. "I built" you didn't. They did.
Loud Mike Media
Loud Mike Media Pred 19 urami
go chandler
meds crackersnack
meds crackersnack Pred 20 urami
I'm 4'11....
Lelouch Vi Britannia
Lelouch Vi Britannia Pred 20 urami
Hanan Arnold
Hanan Arnold Pred 23 urami
Hales Vlogs
Hales Vlogs Pred dnevom
Hey can I be in one of your videos?
Big Smile
Big Smile Pred dnevom
Me asking mrbeast for new iPhone 8
Materje El
Materje El Pred dnevom
even do chris cheated hij llses bruh
The935panguin No last name
Why is he playing the song blue bird in one of the Sean’s
Adam sorensen
Adam sorensen Pred dnevom
So much lego
xXNoisyXx Pred dnevom
anyone here Naruto Blue bird on 8:15
Mubashir KHAN
Mubashir KHAN Pred dnevom
Beast . I have advice for you you fixed up of all Lago in one tower . And check it
Dante McNiel
Dante McNiel Pred dnevom
You spell bad wrong
Noah Martinez
Noah Martinez Pred dnevom
8:17 me hearing blue bird from naruto shippuden
Xx Kashid xX
Xx Kashid xX Pred 2 dnevi
Bro somebody please listen to his outro in 0.25 speed lmao
Amina Farnane
Amina Farnane Pred 2 dnevi
Katuski bakugo
Katuski bakugo Pred 2 dnevi
Who else heard the naruto song
Luna Olivas
Luna Olivas Pred 2 dnevi
I subscribe Every single time
South Ayrshire Christmas Toy Bank
i think its cool allthou im half way thour
Ashley Huelsman
Ashley Huelsman Pred 2 dnevi
I love Carl
Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone hear blue bird at 8:18?
Twenyash Pred 2 dnevi
The fact that chris’s cheated but still lost
elijah lance tolentino
8:23 do i hear blue bird from naruto??
DEEPAK OP Pred 2 dnevi
Happy birthday Mr Beast
John Cabrera
John Cabrera Pred 2 dnevi
John Cabrera
John Cabrera Pred 2 dnevi
wow cool
John Cabrera
John Cabrera Pred 2 dnevi
yo yo yo
Kaydence Flay
Kaydence Flay Pred 2 dnevi
Tynan Plum
Tynan Plum Pred 3 dnevi
Lego lives matter to
i0richi0i Pred 3 dnevi
Anyone else hear blue bird at 8:20
Adam Schwertani
Adam Schwertani Pred 3 dnevi
Chandler: don’t touch my money!
Shannon Fleury
Shannon Fleury Pred 3 dnevi
I give this 100,0/10
zenylol Pred 3 dnevi
8:18 someone is watching Naruto
RandomYTClips Pred 3 dnevi
This is christmas.
Ofmet ali
Ofmet ali Pred 3 dnevi
8:17 man who is watching naruto?
Andy Animates
Andy Animates Pred 3 dnevi
The most iconic catchphrase “I gave my friends”
Agnelo Fernandes
Agnelo Fernandes Pred 3 dnevi
Lakshmi Lakshmi
Lakshmi Lakshmi Pred 3 dnevi
Chandler is kind
Giada Loren
Giada Loren Pred 3 dnevi
7:48 was crazy
Giada Loren
Giada Loren Pred 3 dnevi
I think its obvious who's gonna win by this point 6:15
Joksta 7
Joksta 7 Pred 3 dnevi
Pro I am very poor please give me some money
Husn Saleh
Husn Saleh Pred 3 dnevi
You have friends because you have a lots of money 👛💵💸💶💷💰💳💎💎💎 DUH 🙄
Biotoxibility Pred 3 dnevi
Tbh I would hang around because of all the fun challenges
T boy Oderinde
T boy Oderinde Pred 3 dnevi
Bowling balls can break?💣
JFCI Pred 3 dnevi
Student loan
JFCI Pred 3 dnevi
Student students studenting student
Poke master 656
Poke master 656 Pred 3 dnevi
7:46 The wind:HA HA,ME GO BRRRRRRRR The tower:nOOOOoOoOOoOoOoOO, yoO can’t JuST dO thAT
Imran Seferovic
Imran Seferovic Pred 4 dnevi
Who tf played in 8:19 blue bird?
Some random Art channel
I heard blue bird from Naruto.
Rita Homopher
Rita Homopher Pred 4 dnevi
I’m poor
Shounen Demon
Shounen Demon Pred 4 dnevi
Did anyone notice that around 8:20 Somebody was playing 'blue bird' from naruto
Rookie Pred 4 dnevi
They made it too thin
DNK Music
DNK Music Pred 4 dnevi
Mr beast
Sumalatha Saparapu
Sumalatha Saparapu Pred 4 dnevi
Adam Zeinni
Adam Zeinni Pred 4 dnevi
chris is this burj khalifa
Brainsalad TV
Brainsalad TV Pred 4 dnevi
You know what? Jimmy is a god!
my little adventure
my little adventure Pred 4 dnevi
At 13.56 I hear blue bird
X Moon Cloud x
X Moon Cloud x Pred 4 dnevi
With how strong this towers were you would have a house already
Prajwal Hosalli
Prajwal Hosalli Pred 4 dnevi
0:39 wow Chandler pridected the future... Lol
Shumaila Imran
Shumaila Imran Pred 4 dnevi
I am the biggest fan of CHANDLER CHANDLER THE BEST 🙂🙂
Juicy A
Juicy A Pred 4 dnevi
Tyler is such a sweetheart
Azyxz Pred 4 dnevi
Of course he did loll
Neeraj patil
Neeraj patil Pred 4 dnevi
Happy birthday Jimmy i am commenting on all ur videos 36
Marco Pred 4 dnevi
ناروتو شيبيدون 8:18
that pikachu gamer579
Adish Shukla
Adish Shukla Pred 4 dnevi
Gfcvc g va b,
Honeyrose Wilde
Honeyrose Wilde Pred 5 dnevi
i really wish i could buy your merch so im saving up!
PepperPepper world
PepperPepper world Pred 5 dnevi
Gravity has left the chat
lulezim budakova
lulezim budakova Pred 5 dnevi
I dont know who is going to win but i thing Carol
Anya Vaidun
Anya Vaidun Pred 5 dnevi
1:02 - dude that's my height
Mohammed Sadath Ullah
What's your per second income ?
Indu Kumari
Indu Kumari Pred 5 dnevi
Cazookid 72
Cazookid 72 Pred 5 dnevi
1:04 poor karl
Sophadanouk Khiev
Sophadanouk Khiev Pred 5 dnevi
oh my god i realize something the left team have a shield so wide team trying to hit heart but the sield to strong10000 blago & they take 000 damage
Jake Yang
Jake Yang Pred 5 dnevi
imagine mrbeast making a tower of money going to the sky
LT Crimson
LT Crimson Pred 5 dnevi
1:54 he didn’t get his hand shake
Suany Rodriguez
Suany Rodriguez Pred 5 dnevi
Somebody was playing blue bird
Ducci Queen's
Ducci Queen's Pred 5 dnevi
I love your videos
skunkBoi 2009
skunkBoi 2009 Pred 5 dnevi
Didn't the Lego tower fall
Ryan Todd
Ryan Todd Pred 6 dnevi
Loco Karl would be
Gerardo Ochoa-Estrada
Michael Baratz
Michael Baratz Pred 6 dnevi
In the words of Shrek "do you think he is compensating for something."
Iliya Medzhidov
Iliya Medzhidov Pred 6 dnevi
I love Jimmy's hat lol
Manvender Rathore
Manvender Rathore Pred 6 dnevi
Who else is addicted to khan bhai's channel
Pol Jalapan
Pol Jalapan Pred 6 dnevi
Pol Jalapan
Pol Jalapan Pred 6 dnevi
Felicity Britten
Felicity Britten Pred 6 dnevi
I just followed you on Insta and the mr beast burger acc I don’t have Twitter sorry
SFram99_YT Pred 6 dnevi
Lol Chandler
OwTzA bOy
OwTzA bOy Pred 6 dnevi
Leslie Dalmeida
Leslie Dalmeida Pred 6 dnevi
50 k wow