I Went Back To 1st Grade For A Day 

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me and the squad went back to first grade for fun
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31. jan. 2019

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mila Pred 12 minutami
Little MrBeast.
Little MrBeast. Pred 13 minutami
He’s gonna have great stories to tell his grandkids
Hi -
Hi - Pred 28 minutami
timestamp for me; ignore comment 7:08
Monkey Lilliana Lilly Plays
I love your vids
Itz TTV Pred 55 minutami
Mr beast are the boys just me and the crew boys
Wolf Clan MegaGav22
Wolf Clan MegaGav22 Pred 57 minutami
I’m in fifth grade and I already know most of the geography in the US
Reptile King
Reptile King Pred uro
Billy Madison?
Summer Kawaii
Summer Kawaii Pred uro
I am on third grade LMAO
Mr. Random
Mr. Random Pred 2 urami
I love the fact that Chandler failed second grade it really keeps my image of him right on track
Stacy Lytle
Stacy Lytle Pred 2 urami
hey i am in 2th grade and my teatcher is named mrs brenten
Samid123 Pred 2 urami
I’m 6th grade😎
Luke Zerakiel Pabustan
When I realize grade 7th is depressing hard I think I wanna die
Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards Pred 3 urami
If I somehow made it that far, I'd be out on 5th too, would be an actual lesson for me 😂😂
Toni Smith
Toni Smith Pred 3 urami
Garrat: I am garrat I have a dad who has a yocht 🤓
The Smith Family Shared
I subscribed to all channels so I get cookie Ok??????????????????
Emma A
Emma A Pred 3 urami
0:12 he didn't even bother to correct the audio (and i'm sure many people missed that) 😂peak humor
Erick Pred 4 urami
This feels wayyyy scaled back lmao
malsawm kimi
malsawm kimi Pred 5 urami
Itz_Gacha Pred 5 urami
Who else is surprised how much MrBeast has grown his channel in 2 years?
M O U S Y ඞ
M O U S Y ඞ Pred 3 urami
Brent Bridgeman
Brent Bridgeman Pred 5 urami
I'm only in seventh grade, and I knew all the questions up until 11th.
Roasted Brew
Roasted Brew Pred 6 urami
How are you supposed to answer the past tense of threw??
Chloe Norton
Chloe Norton Pred 6 urami
3:34 it was then that I noticed they were wearing the same pants
Daisy Anderson
Daisy Anderson Pred 7 urami
harry potter-draco
harry potter-draco Pred 8 urami
"me and the squad went back to first grade for fun" and views
Bailey Humphreys
Bailey Humphreys Pred 8 urami
yay bailey
Little Wolf
Little Wolf Pred 10 urami
I feel bad for chandler he failed the grade that I hated sooooo much
M O U S Y ඞ
M O U S Y ඞ Pred 3 urami
you are a member !!!
Emily Jane Balcazar
Emily Jane Balcazar Pred 11 urami
You reached even until my grade, which is grade 6 going to grade 7
egg Pred 12 urami
M O U S Y ඞ
M O U S Y ඞ Pred 3 urami
BayBeta Pred 10 urami
Mhm :D
Daksha Patel
Daksha Patel Pred 16 urami
Actually jimmy and chris weren't stroke by balloons
Zach Watterson
Zach Watterson Pred 16 urami
How did he they reach 12th grade without learning calculus
ninja Pred 18 urami
Happy for you
Wassup Bois
Wassup Bois Pred 19 urami
I can’t believe that chandler lost in 2nd grade 😂
Isella Ward
Isella Ward Pred 19 urami
Karl is the best!
Jordan Sumner
Jordan Sumner Pred 19 urami
I love your vids
Loud Mike Media
Loud Mike Media Pred 19 urami
your ideas are mind blowing
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez Pred 20 urami
Who else just got this recommended 2 years later
sabpie Pred 20 urami
Was every teacher blonde
James Playz Roblox
James Playz Roblox Pred 21 uro
1st grade for me rn we already learned division and we kinda have hard stuff
Shannon Voelker
Shannon Voelker Pred 21 uro
I think Chris should win
Golden Chiller 360
Golden Chiller 360 Pred 23 urami
So it takes us an entire year to learn one grade, but they finished 12 in a couple days😒
Izak Richman
Izak Richman Pred dnevom
Who tf teaches states of matter in 2nd grade?
Aubree Ward
Aubree Ward Pred dnevom
I am in first grade
Flamingo rose Rose
Flamingo rose Rose Pred dnevom
Im actually third grade and then mr beast says is this really 3 grade : me yes its suffering um btw in 4th grande i think you met the social class ??
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang Pred dnevom
"Is that chandler from second grade?"😂😂😂
Akili Johnson
Akili Johnson Pred dnevom
Todd Polackin
Todd Polackin Pred dnevom
The teacher is wrong because it’s white red and blue
Magic recorder
Magic recorder Pred dnevom
Is anyone Chris fan
Sandra Zekany
Sandra Zekany Pred dnevom
The 3.0 Show
The 3.0 Show Pred dnevom
Tell Your Friends To Subscribe To My Channel!
Madison Garrett
Madison Garrett Pred dnevom
They learned mount rushmore was in South Dakota in 8th grade. I learned that in 5th-
Kerry Fleming
Kerry Fleming Pred dnevom
Kerry Fleming
Kerry Fleming Pred dnevom
Why can't you plat Roblox again
Afrah Showket
Afrah Showket Pred dnevom
Wow I’m in year 8
JAMination - Roleplay
Jose Solis
Jose Solis Pred dnevom
Jose Solis
Jose Solis Pred dnevom
Jose Solis
Jose Solis Pred dnevom
Karanki Ganesh babu
Any Indians 🔥
Eva Bonderud
Eva Bonderud Pred dnevom
4:45 lol
Dim18 Pred dnevom
Bro 3rd grade is harder than 7th grade
Wow TV
Wow TV Pred dnevom
Sana all may kakayanang mag aral kahit paulit ulit
red Pod
red Pod Pred dnevom
chris will win
Alotskie galicha
Alotskie galicha Pred dnevom
bro, no lie. Chandler and karl is stupid, that even he doesn't know what 1 + 1 is. or either 0 x 1
Max Mikerap Montel Torre
It’s fine if he fail
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper Pred dnevom
Mr beast basically has a bunch a cronies that suck up to him for money AKA jake Chandler Bailey and chris
Diamond Doutrive
Diamond Doutrive Pred dnevom
Potato Ryan Gaming
Potato Ryan Gaming Pred dnevom
Wow, I'm in Chris and Bailey are good...
Len and Sid KAIOKENx100 Fighters
3rd grade teacher is so harsh
Matthew Byrge
Matthew Byrge Pred dnevom
When they started talking about fan favorites... Chris is my favorite. He has an awesome attitude.
Maha Sakran
Maha Sakran Pred dnevom
the teachers are so happy when they're pelting them with balloons but then so sad when they're teaching They're probably thinking about how they got there
victor sanchez
victor sanchez Pred dnevom
Rishav Haloi
Rishav Haloi Pred dnevom
Sorry I mean I. Horible at typing sorry
Rishav Haloi
Rishav Haloi Pred dnevom
I mean Mr beast sirry
Rishav Haloi
Rishav Haloi Pred dnevom
Mebeast u are so funny
Betty Su
Betty Su Pred dnevom
Never done it before
karnap Pred dnevom
The bord has been changing 😩
Pierson Ashy
Pierson Ashy Pred dnevom
Chandler failed 2nd grade
Josh Conklin
Josh Conklin Pred dnevom
Jimmy you are so funny
NnalaPlayZz Pred 2 dnevi
Did you realize they are wearing the same pants XD
LoganxThexGamer Pred 2 dnevi
what they learned in 12th grade is what i learned in 5th
Sarthak Jain
Sarthak Jain Pred 2 dnevi
Come to India . You will get to know how difficult studies are.
Sf viper
Sf viper Pred 2 dnevi
I wish it was that easy when I was in 6th grade
Lillyandtoys Cat
Lillyandtoys Cat Pred 2 dnevi
Guys how you did it? I have only 3 followers and they are from family🗿
Moments To Treasure
Moments To Treasure Pred 2 dnevi
Editing for Mr Beast 👍❤️ 16:50
Gacha - Just Tutorials!
“So Chandler, what happened at the beginning of the story?” *I-I DiDnT gEt tO wRiTe dOwN aNyTh-* “Let’s move on to math,” *continues teaching*
Anantbir Kaur
Anantbir Kaur Pred 2 dnevi
Me who’s in 4th grade…
onin alt
onin alt Pred 2 dnevi
What kind of grade 2 questions were those-
Bloomix Mayowa Ogunbusola
Teacher: I will go to MacDonald's Me:you suck bro Teacher:I love you Me: playing with my Barney toy
Mao Cheng
Mao Cheng Pred 2 dnevi
I’m Chris topher
Frank Eschberger
Frank Eschberger Pred 2 dnevi
im in 1st grade
PinkAroma ?
PinkAroma ? Pred 2 dnevi
They didnt say nerds are hard studying for a joke.
Tik Taboulious
Tik Taboulious Pred 2 dnevi
Tik Taboulious
Tik Taboulious Pred 2 dnevi
Abshir Osman
Abshir Osman Pred 2 dnevi
I’m in 5th
DeEstrada1 Pred 2 dnevi
I think I will get an A+ at every grade.I think I will pass 👩🏻‍🎓
Ceidrick Talor4
Ceidrick Talor4 Pred 2 dnevi
The 7th grade teacher looked pregnant
CushGodz YT
CushGodz YT Pred 2 dnevi
I've been in kindergarten 50 times
Sara Whitaker
Sara Whitaker Pred 2 dnevi
I’m in 3rd grade and this is so easy
San Awng Dingyau
San Awng Dingyau Pred 2 dnevi
Lm 2nd grade
Aryan Mudgil
Aryan Mudgil Pred 2 dnevi
I am in 10th grade
Normal Pop vs TikTok Pop #2
Normal Pop vs TikTok Pop #2
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