I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza 

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This slice of pizza was expensive...
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idkboi20 Pred 46 minutami
how to get acne in one simple step
Blue Flame Wolfy
I’m eating pizza and 2 videos that get recommended after watching one of his vids are pizza related
HNBen 10
HNBen 10 Pred 2 urami
This pizza looks delicious 🤤
Grubhub Child
Grubhub Child Pred 2 urami
Roses are red pizza is too I ordered a large and none of its for you
J.v.a Studio
J.v.a Studio Pred 4 urami
Love you buddy
Joe Brucato
Joe Brucato Pred 4 urami
THATS HUGE!!!!!!!!!
sokohigh kora
sokohigh kora Pred 4 urami
"he is the fastest eater in the whole world" that one dude who can eat a 6 foot long pizza in 10 seconds at the core of the earth: bruh
Anas_435g Pred 4 urami
سوى تحدي مع سحس
ArjunKing200 Pred 4 urami
Me when i say “I’ll just eat one slice of pizza”
Jill nolan
Jill nolan Pred 5 urami
2 🦶 to eat
Chaisleigh Rose
Chaisleigh Rose Pred 5 urami
hey jimmy
Zulkaif Ahmed
Zulkaif Ahmed Pred 5 urami
Bring Matt Stonie here 😎.
Maceus Alcius
Maceus Alcius Pred 6 urami
MY MOM can eat 19 pizzas
Blessing Madzungwe
Blessing Madzungwe Pred 6 urami
Teenager_rangergolie rangergolie's friend
Me before watching this: mom what’s for dinner Me after watching this: never mind mom I’m full (didn’t eat anything)
Blessing Madzungwe
Blessing Madzungwe Pred 6 urami
Jinkx Jinkx
Jinkx Jinkx Pred 6 urami
I wanna be in one of the vids but i already subscribed😂😂😭
BRAWL X MASTER Pred 6 urami
Mrbeast: this guy can eat faster than 10 people also Mrbeast: there is no way he can eat faster then us five
Eduard Andrei Marcu
Eduard Andrei Marcu Pred 7 urami
Eduard Andrei Marcu
Eduard Andrei Marcu Pred 7 urami
He can eat fast then mrbeast's team
Saurmaan Pred 7 urami
That man is king dedede
Muffin Man
Muffin Man Pred 7 urami
Me: Dad look at this pizza it’s crazy! My dad: Yeah they have the cupped pepperonis
Waqar Malik
Waqar Malik Pred 8 urami
Eats over 20 pounds worth of food, and he’s still thinner than me
King prosper123 King
nhitai Su
nhitai Su Pred 8 urami
TheGoldenHW Pred 8 urami
Can we just appreciate our Digestion System after Eating this Pizza
Varshith Battula
Varshith Battula Pred 9 urami
Does anyones mouthwater in the lockdown??
Mattias Kinhult
Mattias Kinhult Pred 9 urami
I am hungry after dis
Classicplayz Pred 9 urami
JRG Pred 9 urami
I am fasting today and this is making me even more hungry😅
your toes give me them
im fasting and im watching this lol
JRG Pred 9 urami
Who else wants to eat a pizza rn
• MuFFin •
• MuFFin • Pred 10 urami
ı think you guys should give chris money becouse he eat that rug o_O
my life in a nut shell 0:24
Beyzox Pred 11 urami
Gg for 60M!!!
Omar Al-Shammeri
Omar Al-Shammeri Pred 11 urami
Adopt me Life
Adopt me Life Pred 11 urami
Joey is insane
Kaitlyn Marietta
Kaitlyn Marietta Pred 11 urami
Can you plz give me a shoutout or something bc I have watched you for so long I love your guys videos it would be an honor to even get a shout out from Chan Chan of karl
gaming chann
gaming chann Pred 11 urami
Ben Gbaruko
Ben Gbaruko Pred 12 urami
Divya Krishna Srivastava
3:54 lmao
Y5seen's fun and games
I don’t have a dog😭😭😭
Wave Gt
Wave Gt Pred 12 urami
1:59 lmao XD
Godly '
Godly ' Pred 13 urami
this makes me so hungry and im watching this at night :(
Marshmallow Man
Marshmallow Man Pred 13 urami
I subscribed
Lin Soma
Lin Soma Pred 13 urami
18 pizza
mohammad Pred 14 urami
Spideyfan 48
Spideyfan 48 Pred 16 urami
I love pizza
Pqçîfïç Pred 16 urami
I wish I had that pizza
Zion Luke
Zion Luke Pred 16 urami
Matt Stonie: am i a joke to you?
K S Pred 16 urami
I love pizza and you guys
Frank Mangan
Frank Mangan Pred 17 urami
Carl: my egos shattered Me: ha got there first
Amy Santiago
Amy Santiago Pred 18 urami
Actaully i love pizza and im done in 1mintue
Just call Me craze
Just call Me craze Pred 19 urami
Weight gain 0:51 ~ 6:41
Jomar Vazquez
Jomar Vazquez Pred 19 urami
Can anyone else say they are eating pizza while watch8ng others eat pizza no just me
Sir Huw Gormondley-Tweasdel
Please MrBreast, must you always shout?
Kippakidsplayz Tran
Kippakidsplayz Tran Pred 20 urami
Me seeing Joey eating pizza:ew never eating pizza ever again
Matthewmark2008 Pred 20 urami
lol his head is way bigger than the others 5:18 lol check it out
พูนศักดิ์ วิคสันเทียะ
I want to eat the world largest pizza
RobinKnight Pred 21 uro
1:05 were doin what now?
auvrie ୨୧
auvrie ୨୧ Pred 21 uro
I'm eating pizza with pickles 🥒
PunkStuffs Pred 21 uro
I literally just realized that the countertops were just wallpapers
Mohammad Aliwi
Mohammad Aliwi Pred 23 urami
U didn’t give him any money?.???
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Pred 23 urami
Chandler’s the type of guy to say he is 5”3 on cold days and 5”4 on hot days due to thermal expansion
Erin smith
Erin smith Pred dnevom
and now i'm hungry...........
Erin smith
Erin smith Pred dnevom
kartik ff
kartik ff Pred dnevom
Plzzzzzz play free fire
Clark Kent Venom
Clark Kent Venom Pred dnevom
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yomy
Maria Camacho
Maria Camacho Pred dnevom
Eating is the best
Ava Fankhauser
Ava Fankhauser Pred dnevom
I can't even eat 5 slices of pizza
Jasmine Ditton
Jasmine Ditton Pred dnevom
do a collab with Matt Stonnie haha!!!
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson Pred dnevom
But can I do it with one of your friends though??
delly Fishmeal
delly Fishmeal Pred dnevom
Matt stonie win him
Cris Cargua
Cris Cargua Pred dnevom
Dude if I was eating that I will finish half of it in five mins
Mr. Bacon
Mr. Bacon Pred dnevom
Brian Paniagua
Brian Paniagua Pred dnevom
😫😫😫😫😫😵😵😵😵😵😭😭😭😭 I want pizza
Alfie Williams
Alfie Williams Pred dnevom
How do you expect anyone to eat that pizza
Lemuel Estevez
Lemuel Estevez Pred dnevom
Pico Pred dnevom
I wanna see Joey vs Matt at eating contest
Memory Lane Tours Belfast
why peperoni
Erick Iraheta
Erick Iraheta Pred dnevom
Best youtuber
C.h.e.r y l Nwajeri
Me and my skinny self...
Bellie Reyna
Bellie Reyna Pred dnevom
Who is the best Carl Mr. beast Chandler or Chris
Bellie Reyna
Bellie Reyna Pred dnevom
Mr. beast is awesome and so is Chandler Chris and Karl
Siz Pred dnevom
this hurt to watch
Austin Guerrier
Austin Guerrier Pred dnevom
Hiding and seeking but im just hiding
Austin Guerrier
Austin Guerrier Pred dnevom
Hazro City
Hazro City Pred dnevom
king kong
king kong Pred dnevom
8:03 la mejor parte jajajaj
Artin Bahrami
Artin Bahrami Pred dnevom
I want it
Voll aufs Maul TV
Voll aufs Maul TV Pred dnevom
Dont play with food😌 😅
RC311 studios
RC311 studios Pred dnevom
That’s impossible to beat him
Rhemy Miguel
Rhemy Miguel Pred dnevom
Less talking more eating
Samuel Feliciano
Samuel Feliciano Pred dnevom
let’s get matt stonie vs. joey
•Aziah Snow•
•Aziah Snow• Pred dnevom
He just made me never want pizza again 🤣🤣🤣🤣I love this channel
Master Kiwius
Master Kiwius Pred dnevom
“I will only have one slice”
Rozle Resnik
Rozle Resnik Pred dnevom
I'm hungry now
Agnieszka Jaltuszyk
Karl: comes in and cuts a square from the middle. OCD BOI
Vanoss Ash
Vanoss Ash Pred dnevom
Karl is small
Fake Pasta
Fake Pasta Pred dnevom
I think the largest organ in joeys body is his stomach cause if it would have burst if it werent so large and trained
Emanuel Sinahon
Emanuel Sinahon Pred dnevom
Go Mr.beast
Seth KubE
Seth KubE Pred dnevom
"Its going to take some recovery time" Hes got to poop
Knaby 142
Knaby 142 Pred dnevom
I bet I can finish it
I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza
World’s Largest Explosion!
The Truth About my Son
Oh No.... 😂
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